C. Green & Associates, Inc.

Communicating Complex Concepts

Now Is The Time To Take Control Of Your Marketing

People always ask me what I do. C. Green & Associates, Inc., is a specialty consulting firm that works with companies that need to communicate complex concepts or develop community collaboration. We help clients evaluate what will be the simplest and most cost-effective ways to share information.

While I’m still not sure whether to call it marketing, public relations or management consulting, after 15 years I can tell you it works. Stepping back and taking a look at ways to be more efficient at communicating pays off. Right now, before you finalize your next budget, is an ideal time to start.

Doing a marketing review or writing a communication action plan identifies priorities and can focus staff energy and company resources on strategies with the biggest payoffs. If you want better results from your marketing dollars be sure your review or plan includes these key elements:

  • Quality Information – Whether it’s in-person, video or online, having well-written content is the foundation of every outreach effort.
  • Distribution Channels – No matter how good the information, it is useless if it is not available when and where the customer needs it.
  • Response Drivers – Facts are not enough. You need people driving the information flow and generating an enthusiastic response. Good plans include specific steps for developing relationships with people who can get it done.
A solid communication plan with strong messaging and appropriate distribution backed up by trusted referral sources can bring community support and do wonders for your bottom line. To learn more click here and sign up for our monthly marketing tips.

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